About Us

Kismet of Kings (“KoK”) serves Black and Brown male students ages 11-18 in Jersey City, New Jersey. The program engages this population, many of whom are from low income households, in academic and social learning opportunities. In the wake of COVID19 which has disproportionately impacted black and brown communities, KoK, though a constructivist learning approach, engages vulnerable youth through mentoring and educational programming to create opportunities for college-readiness and expanding their entrepreneurial mindset. KoK seeks out mentors from diverse professional backgrounds including, but not limited to, individuals involved with the legal system, public service, law enforcement, and the private sector in order to instill in our students that they are supported. By bridging the gap in opportunity, we seek to assist students in envisioning and executing their dreams.

Mentorship Model

Kismet of Kings fosters supportive mentor/mentee relationships with community leaders in Jersey City, NJ that will promote increased academic success, positive self-image and unwavering character in order to create productive members of society. It provides warranted constructive modeling and a variety of opportunities for teens to explore cultural-historical pedagogy. A few core principles are central to KoK practices and are supported by this training curriculum:

2018 Back to School Kismet BBQ in the Park
  • Black/Latin History: Develop the keen awareness of the spiritual connection to one’s ancestors. When one learns who he is, he’s able to walk in the world more confident and determined to be successful. 
  • Life Orientation Circle (LO): Provides learners with the necessary skills to develop navigate through life successfully (i.e. typing, creating resume, etc). Life orientation encouraging individuals to play a more positive role in their communities and exposing them to emotional/social peer/adult influences through restorative juctice practices.
  • Mentoring: Validate young men as they navigate the life they inherited. The knowledge, advice, and resources a mentor shares is pertinent to the optimal development of each participant.
  • Financial Literacy: Using the software, EverFi, the young men will be able to create and utilize a budget to govern their everyday lives. 
  • HipHop Pillars: The adolescents will have the ability develop literacy skills through exposure to social media, articles, journals, music, videos, etc

Specifically, through our training, participants will:

  • Use history to develop goals for the future through a vision board;
  • Learn skills critical to success from dress attire to how to treat women; 
  • Develop fiscal responsibility using Financial Literacy curriculum: EverFi;
  • Enhance literacy skills through the tenets of HipHop;