About Our Founder

Lewis Spears Headshot

Lewis Spears,

M.Ed, Author, Executive Director

A firm believer in a community pulling itself up by its bootstraps, Lewis Spears has devoted his life and career to manifesting this philosophy. Lewis is no stranger to the ills that plague Jersey City. Having been born and raised in the Booker T. Washington Projects, he saw, first-hand how a lack of education, direction, and mentorship negatively impacts one’s quality of life. Determined to change the narrative and break generational and institutional curses, he embarked on a journey to uplift his community by transforming lives-one young person at a time.

Lewis is grounded in his faith and is an active member of his church community. He is happily married to Dr. Myriam Spears and a proud dad to AJ and Beau. He is committed to building their family while continuing to create a legacy of upward mobility and service.