Kismet of Kings

Kismet of Kings

Kismet of Kings

A non-profit organization for young men between the ages of 11-18 yrs old in Jersey City, NJ.

We help young men ages 11-18 yrs old develop leadership skills today, in order to become the community leaders we need tomorrow.

Financial independence begins with learning how to build wealth. We train our young men how to develop businesses that lead to multiple streams of income.
We share experiences through thematic exercises throughout the month and hold each other accountable through feedback & support.

About us

Kismet of Kings serves Black and Brown male students ages 11-18 yrs old in Jersey City, New Jersey. The program engages this population, many of whom are from low-income households, in academic and social learning opportunities.


We aim to provide our young men with validation as they navigate the life they inherited.

Financial Literacy

Using the software EverFi, the young men will learn how to create and utilize a budget to govern their everyday lives.

Hip Hop Pillars

The adolescents will develop literacy skills through exposure to social media, articles, journals, music, videos, etc.

Black/Latin History

Our young men will develop a keen awareness of the spiritual connection to one’s ancestors. When one learns who he is, he’s able to walk in the world more confident and determined to be successful. 

Life Orientation Circle

Provides learners with the necessary skills to navigate through life successfully (i.e. typing, creating, resume writing, etc). The circle equips students with the tools necessary to play positive roles in their communities and exposes them to emotional, social peer, and adult influences through restorative justice practices.

Specifically, through our training, participants will:

Use history to develop goals for the future through a vision board
Learn skills critical to success from dress attire to how to treat women
Develop fiscal responsibility using Financial Literacy curriculum: EverFi
Enhance literacy skills through
the tenets of Hip Hop